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The following article was recently featured on Libby Kirwin’s real estate blog, “Living with Libby.”
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“Men We Love: Kevin Hagan, Esq.”

“After spending four years at the office where I began Libby Kirwin Property Management, I was happy to turn over the keys to my office at 105 Memorial Blvd to Attorney Kevin Hagan, as he began his new venture as a solo law practitioner.

“Of course, I knew that Libby would be able to secure me the perfect spot,” said Kevin. “I love the office on Memorial Boulevard as much as she did and we all know that location, especially in Newport, is paramount.”

After attending Providence College, Kevin earned his law degree from Roger Williams Law School and later served on the university’s Alumni Board.  Having recently gone the route of a solo practitioner, Kevin enjoys a broad spectrum of practice areas including family court cases, criminal cases and accident cases of every variation.

“It has been an exciting and rewarding experience to live and work in Newport with my wife Domenica and son Thomas.” Newport is a city that has captivated Kevin since the time he used to visit as a child.  Having the opportunity to represent the legal interests of others that also live in Newport County was spawned as a young prosecutor in the Newport Office of Attorney General, and prior to that, as a Newport Superior Court Law Clerk.

Kevin feels he has been fortunate to learn this job from the ground up. He trained to be a trial lawyer with some of the greatest litigators that have practiced in this region.  However, his transition into private practice began with the most important consideration of all – finding the perfect office!

Kevin serves as an adjunct professor of Legal Studies at the Community College of Rhode Island, and he was recently appointed by the Chief Judge of the Rhode Island District Court to serve as a Justice of the Peace and Bail Commissioner in Newport County.

Newport enjoys a close knit bar, and Kevin says it has truly been a privilege to be able to serve the residents of Newport County and try a few cases along the way!