Portsmouth, RI Criminal - DUI Defense

Criminal DUI investigations are more than common within and around the region of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. The area is characterized by narrow and dangerous roads, primarily consisting of East Main Road and West Main Road. Of course, the area serves as a major source of traffic to and from Newport, which tends to increase the number of potentially impaired motorists through the area. The State Police do not typically record their investigations either at the scene or back at the barracks. Although they enjoy the capability, the equipment is not generally utilized. Also, the general area presents unique difficulties in terms of finding appropriate places for suspects to perform standardized field sobriety testing. Some cases may involve situations where suspects are requested to perform standardized testing on a bridge or near the flow of oncoming traffic. This area also presents jurisdictional challenges for police, as they are often required to pursue a suspect into a neighboring town – Bristol, Tiverton or Middletown, Rhode Island.

In 2010, the Portsmouth Barracks fell under the command of Lieutenant Frank D. Sullivan III, a twenty-four (24) year veteran of the
Rhode Island State Police. The Portsmouth Barracks is located at 838 East Main Road in the Town of Portsmouth. The Portsmouth Barracks complement is comprised of; one (1) Lieutenant, one (1) Sergeant, two (2) Corporals and ten (10) Troopers. Vehicles assigned to the Barracks included fourteen (14) marked cruisers. These vehicles are utilized to patrol the combined jurisdiction of approximately 359 square miles.

The Portsmouth Patrols provide service in their support and patrol of the Pell Bridge, Jamestown-Verrazano Bridge, Mount Hope Bridge and Sakonnet Bridge.

During the 2010 calendar year, members of the Portsmouth Barracks issued 4,331 citations, arrested 323 subjects, handled 139 incidents and responded to 112 accidents. Patrol members arrested 121 subjects for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs and/or Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test. These numbers are exclusive of arrests made by the
Portsmouth Town Police, which also constitute a high number of arrests. Having a local knowledge of the procedures and practices of this locality is essential to effectively defending the client’s legal interests.